2B:25-9 Removal From Office, Procedure.

2B:25-8 Reimbursement to Attorney General, county prosecutor.

8.Whenever the Attorney General or county prosecutor shall prosecute in a municipal court of this State pursuant to section 6 of this act, the Attorney General or county prosecutor shall, upon demand, be promptly reimbursed by the county, municipality or municipalities for costs, including the compensation of any assistants or deputies attorney general or assistant prosecutors.


2B:25-9 Removal from office, procedure.

9.In addition to any of the other means provided by law for the removal from office of a public official, a municipal prosecutor may be removed by the governing body of a county or municipality, or as provided by the agreement entered into between two or more municipalities participating in a joint municipal court, for good cause shown and after a public hearing, and upon due notice and an opportunity to be heard.


2B:25-10 Training programs, certification.

10.The Attorney General in consultation with the county and municipal prosecutors may develop curricula for training programs for all municipal prosecutors. Participation in such training programs shall be voluntary. An attorney successfully completing a training program shall receive such certification or recognition as deemed appropriate by the Attorney General.