2C:29-1 Obstructing Administration Of Law Or Other Governmental Function

  2C:29-1 Obstructing administration of law or other governmental function
     a.  A person commits an offense if he purposely obstructs, impairs or perverts the administration of law or other governmental function or prevents or attempts to prevent a public servant from lawfully performing an official function by means of flight, intimidation, force, violence, or physical interference or obstacle, or by means of any independently unlawful act. This section does not apply to failure to perform a legal duty other than an official duty, or any other means of avoiding compliance with law without affirmative interference with governmental functions.
b.An offense under this section is a crime of the fourth degree if the actor obstructs the detection or investigation of a crime or the prosecution of a person for a crime, otherwise it is a disorderly persons offense.
Disorderly person criminal offenses- ex Simple Assault, shoplifting & cases in Municipal Court                         Jail 2C: 43- 8    jail  6 month maximum                                                probation 1-2 year                                                                     community service  180 days maximum                                                 mandatory costs, VCCB and other penaltiesDisorderly- fines:     2C: 43- 3     $1,000 Fine  maximum        
       There are many other penalties that the court must impose in criminal cases.  There are dozens of other penalties a court can impose, depending on the type of matter.   
Max 4th degree       0- 18 months   $10,000   1 year- 5 year