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Ai Yogurt

Words by Lisa Mangelsdorf
Photos by The Yum List (Monica Tindall)
In a world that seems to be full of food that is highly processed, packed with artificial flavors and preservatives and even (AAAHH!) genetically modified, it is a great relief to come across a product like Ai Yogurt. Handmade lovingly right here in KL, Ai (which means love) Yogurt has created a variety of yogurts that are natural, fresh and will improve your health!   

Ai Yoghurt, Home Made Yoghurt and DeliveryYogurt with Aloe Vera Jelly CubesAi Yoghurt, Home Made Yoghurt and DeliveryYogurt with ChocolateAi Yogurt owners Tea and Yen, both qualified food technologists, are committed to using only simple, fresh ingredients and not adding anything unnecessary, thereby maintaining the freshest taste and highest nutritional value of their yogurt. The addition of imported Danish probiotics is done very intentionally to further increase the health benefits of the product. The result is a creamy, tangy yogurt that can be eaten guilt free straight from the tub, used in cooking or blended into delicious smoothies!

Ai Yoghurt, Home Made Yoghurt and DeliveryYoghurt with Green TeaThere are several flavors of Ai Yogurt to choose from that will appeal to a range of palates. Those with a sweet tooth will love the Sweetened Plain as well as the Red Bean, which was unexpectedly lovely! For the more adventurous eaters, flavors include Honey Aloe Vera and Matcha Green Tea. The Unsweetened Plain and Dark Chocolate were favorites of mine as I enjoy more bitter flavors, but at the same time my daughter enjoyed them sweetened up with a few Oreo cookies and toasted Muesli on top. Other fresh toppings include Passion Fruit, Mango, Strawberry, Apple Lemon Mint, Lychee, Orange, Honey Dew, Banana or for added crunch - Oreo cookies, Chipsmore, Nutella, Coco Crunch, and more! Toppings are very fresh and should usually be consumed within a day or two while the yogurts themselves have a shelf life of a few weeks. Although the toppings were suggested for the plain yogurt, I think you could mix and match as you please!

Ai Yoghurt, Home Made Yoghurt and DeliveryPlain Yogurt with Muesli ToppingSo now that your mouth is watering and you are dying to try here are all the details you need to begin enjoying Ai Yogurt too!

Ai Yoghurt, Home Made Yoghurt and DeliveryPlain Yoghurt with Passionfruit ToppingGreat news - Ai Yogurt is available by home delivery! Typically an order is 20 cups for complimentary delivery in the following areas: Putra Heights and nearby areas, Subang Jaya, Sunway, Puchong, Shah Alam, Petaling Jaya, Bangsar, Brickfields, Damansara, Mont Kiara, DesaPark City, Cheras, Ampang, Klang.   Ai Yoghurt, Home Made Yoghurt and DeliveryYogurt with Red BeanPrices are very reasonable which makes this mom of three happy! The plain yogurts are only RM3 per 150g, while the Red Bean, Green Tea, Dark Cocoa are each RM4 and the Honey Aloe Vera is RM5.  Fresh toppings may be purchased for an additional RM2.
Ai Yogurt may also be bought directly from the Ai Yogurt retail shop in Putra Heights from Monday to Saturday 10:30 am – 9:00 pm or the Mont Kiara night Market on Thursday evenings.
For even more information you can visit Tea and Yen at

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