An Orange Cube In Lyon By Jakob And MacFarlane

A Five-storey orthogonal orange cube, designed by architects Dominique Jakob and Brendan MacFarlane is facing the river Saône, France. This building belongs to a large-scale urban redevelopment which aims at renovating docks of the city of Lyon. This cube is implanted on a regular site measuring 29 x 33cm with a noticeable characteristic: the orange color of the envelope which has been selected as a reference to the industrial color used in docks of Lyon. This envelope is a light perforated facade with pixelated patterns.
Orange Cube in Lyon, France, © Jakob and MacFarlane, photography © Nicolas Borel
Acting as a shading screen, the perforation of this light external skin allows diffusion of natural light, air and sightlines. The skin pattern is made out of circle with various size randomly arranged on the surface and rectangular windows.
Model © Jakob and MacFarlane
The structural regularity of the cube is pierced creating a conic hole on the North-West corner facing the river. This hole generates a void which can be used as an atrium being circumscribed by outdoor corridors which function is to link the office platforms together. This perforation helps to make up for the 29x33 m site.
© Jakob and MaxFarlane, photography © Nicolas Borel
The interior can be seen from outside throughout this large void.
© Jakob and MacFarlane, photography Nicolas Borel
Another part of this cube is pierced to create the entry and roof level creating depth of the volume.
Limitation of energetic consumption is linked to heating and cooling systems and ventilation. Thermal insulation is less than 0.7 W/m^2 °K which is less than 35% comparing to thermal insulation needs. Photovoltaic systems cover 10% of electric energy needs in accordance of the environmental quality.
The interior spaces host a design showroom at the ground floor. The interior has also been created by the architects Dominique Jakob and Brendan MacFarlane as a continuity of the external walls.
© Jakob and MacFarlane, photography © Roland HalbeOrange, punctured with pixelated type of internal white walls and furniture pieces mostly in white, black and orange dominate the inner spaces.
© Jakob and MacFarlane, photography © Nicolas Borel
Building Facts
Project: Cube Orange, Siege Societe Cardinal
Program: Tertiary
Architects: Jakob and MacFarlane
Client: Rhône Saône Development/Cardinal
Location: Quai Rambaud, Lyon
Surface area: 6,300 sqm
Design: 2005
Completion year: 2010

Construction © Jakob and MacFarlane
Photographs © Nicolas Borel, © Roland Halbe

Source: evolo