Apple Cake

Not only can I bake a cake, but I can build a house. This is the apple cream-cheese cake on the cover of "Southern Living" this month. It is a typical apple cake but with a cream-cheese filling and brown sugar icing. My cake doesn't look exactly like theirs, but not bad. I have a spring loaded cake pan that I have been using lately, because it tends to cook the bundt cakes more evenly. I'll let you know how it tastes. I'm taking this cake to WF tomorrow. Saturday we ride in the Hottern' Hell Hundred. Like last year there are several people meeting us in WF, staying at Mom's, and riding the HHH. We will eat at the spaghetti dinner put on by the HHH, but I thought the apple cake would make a nice dessert tomorrow night before the ride.

Toby and I put down more cement board tonight. we are just pretty close to having that done. Next is the tile. Maybe by then my cabinets will all be done. Light at the end of the tunnel!