Blog Milestone!!

So today everyone, this blog went over 200,000 views!!  I want to thank all of you that visit, comment, and bring a good attitude whether you agree with me or not!  I never imagined just few months ago (it seems a lot longer) I would have this level of readership.  It is great to see this go from me talking to myself on the internet to having discussions and answering questions and helping the 40k and Imperial Guard community.

I will maintain this blog as first and foremost a haven for the Imperial Guard, though I may talk about other things, this is still a home for common soldierly of the 41st millennium.  Give me some time, but I will start knocking through the tactics of the new codex like before, as time goes on expect V2.0 of those already written articles.

I want this to be a place of discussion and information, and everyone that comments constructively and asks questions adds to this community and helps share knowledge and ideas that others may never have thought about.  So keep up the comments, all that I ask is that you keep it civil, this is still MY blog despite everything and I will take action if comments get out of hand.  Luckily this hasn't really been an issue besides a few borderline cases.

So thank you all again!  Keep visiting, commenting, and emailing.  This is a community and we grow and improve through sharing and helping each other out.  And yes we can have an impact on the game and the "meta".