Cheat's Ice Cream

Thanks to Yi's friend Michael, I've learnt the secret of making green tea ice cream, and I'm going to share that secret today.

Just get the best quality vanilla ice cream (try Tong Hing's; they carry some Aussie brands)and add macha (green tea) powder to half-softened ice cream, mix well with a whisk and quickly return it to the freezer.

My favorite ice cream flavor is rum n raisins (yup, me a wino). Wash the raisins well (you don't want grit which surprisingly is present in most brands), drain well, then add rum or brandy or orange cointreau or whatever your alcoholic bent is, and let soak in fridge for at least a week because that'll plump them up real good. Mix into vanilla ice cream. The best thing about 'making' your own ice cream is you can go crazy with the ingredients.