Conceptual Up Cycled Carpet Pad Bracelet 3690

The use of found materials has a long tradition in both modern and traditional cultures. This series is about the formal possibilities of a throw-away material: carpet pad.

Carpet pad is itself composed of reclaimed plastic from soda bottles, containers and other sources. The variations color come from the particular mix of recycled plastics used in the batch. The rubber backing has a wonderful high-tech hexagonal pattern embossed in the surface creating a tension between the rough pad fiber and the controlled anti-skid backing.
 This first bracelet is a simple circular form made by double wrapping a rectangular strip of pad and securing the overlap with waxed nylon thread.

The tension created by the wrapping is expressed in the naturally circular form and the slightly anti-clastic shaped surface which is visible in the bottom photo.

Industrial grey with the alternating diagonal pattern contrasts with the controlled light purple hex patterned backing on the interior.
7" (178 mm) 1.4 oz (40 g)

design and photographs © copyright 2015