Dawn Of A New Age Of The Imperium

A new age has dawned, as the Imperium's darkest hour closes in its armies gather to repel the closing dark.  Xenos invasions have encroached on Mankind's rightful realm, the archenemy advances ever closer to Terra.  New alliances are being forged while old ones are broken.

The petty squabbles and divisions that have plagued the Imperiums armies are no more, being cast aside to face the greater enemies.  More than ever before, the Emperors forces are united in a single cause of survival.  The most revered chapters of the Astartes are bringing their greatest weapons to bear more than ever before.  The Imperial Guard field the greatest array of weapons that the Imperium has, their discipline is the mortar that holds them together and pushes back the tide.  The isolation of the Knight houses is at an end, as they advance forward with with Emperor's armies to crush his foes.  The Inquisition and the Grey Knights are active more then ever, hunting threats in the howling dark.  Xenos expansions is at an end, the Imperium advances to take back what was lost.

The alliance of the Eldar and Tau is at an end, their strands of fate no longer linked.  Divided they will fall to the might of the Imperium.  The threat is not to be underestimated, as they are stronger than ever before, fighting for their very survival.  The Inquisition has sanctioned those that once suffered the alien to live and took up arms with them, no more will the Emperor's finest fight side by side with Xenos.

As the Imperium stands united, the Warp grows ever more volatile, Daemons spilling forth more than ever before.  The powers of psykers has grown, unleashing destructive and damning energy to smite their foes, but the instability of the Warp has led many to their self destructive ends, losing their souls to madness.  The Grey Knights are called more than ever, to combat the rising tide of daemonic incursions and their followers.

In spite of this, word comes of the growing threat of the greenskins.   New weapons are being forged and warbosses unite ever larger bands of Orks.  Calls for aid grow every day as new WAAAGHS! are launched and rumors of more to come.  Only time will tell if a united Imperium can hold back the rising tide.

The Imperium is facing its darkest time and its armies must fight like never before.  It's greatest warmachines are called to action in ever more desperate battles.  The age of battle marches ever onward and the Emperor's armies are tested as never before, damnation and darkness awaits should they be found wanting.