Dr. Joe Shigemoto And Coeur Esthetique, HER Experience, The Intermark, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Dr. Joe Shigemoto and Coeur Esthetique

Dr. Joe Shigemoto and Coeur Esthetique brings a new dimension to what’s on offer at The Intermark in Kuala Lumpur’s city centre. Unhurriedly introducing new tenants, the mall has a great location, however, up to this moment, the majority of occupants have been food and beverage outlets. The arrival of an upscale spa and aesthetics centre is a welcomed addition. Dr. Joe Shigemoto, Coeur Esthetique, intermark, spaWaiting AreaThe space sports cheery Japanese design. It’s both modish and comfortable, featuring the bright happy idealisms of modern Japanese style. Colourful paintings adorn the white walls of the reception with giant floor lamps illuminating from the ground up.
A lounge area contains low tables spread with magazines, information on treatments and lollipops for the sweet tooth. Shelves of Japanese beauty products are housed in an open square with a consultant ready to assist. Curtains and carpets are also of deliberate placement with geometric lines decorating the floors and windows. Dr. Shigemoto, Coeur Esthetique, spa, intermark, klLounge AreaThoughtful layouts continue into the treatment rooms, private lounge areas and dressing facilities. Each is decorated with unique artwork and brushed with its own colour palette. Some are painted, others wall papered. Upholstery of sofas too changes in each salon, with a chandelier bringing a splash of glam to the charm of the patterned sofas. All in all, the centre feels warm and inviting.
Dr. Shigemoto and Coeur Esthetique, The IntermarkJapanese Bath TubTherapists all have previous experience in luxury spas, but have been retrained by Coeur Esthetique and receive monthly training from a consultant that flies in from Japan. Dr. Joe Shigemoto himself, the inventor of the beauty machines used in the centre, even visits once a month, traveling from Japan for consultations.
The treatments at Dr. Joe Shigemoto and Coeur Esthetique are a merging of medicine and alternative therapies, into what is often termed these days as a medi-spa. Relaxation and beauty are at the core of the mission and, tools and therapies have been carefully selected to achieve both.
Dr. Shigemoto and Coeur Esthetique, The IntermarkOxygen ChamberI indulge in an Aroma Facial and IPL treatment, followed by an aromatherapy massage. The Aroma Facial (RM680) combines traditional cleansing and moisturizing techniques with the latest in technology. A conventional cleansing of face, neck, shoulders and décolletage is performed by the beautician and, a neck and shoulder massage further relaxes as the high-end products do their work.
The Dr. Shigemoto machine applies blue and orange lights to help lighten pigmentation and stimulate skin repair. A tightening electrical impulse pulls the skin upwards causing the face to appear slimmer and tighter. It’s an unusual sensation, not painful, or uncomfortable, but invigorating all the same.
Finally a ginseng mask is left on the face for 15 minutes. First a fine mesh layer covers the face leaving a space for the nostrils and eyes. The mask is placed over the top and then covered with plastic wrap, keeping the moisture in place and preventing drips into the hairline.
Dr. Shigemoto and Coeur Esthetique, The IntermarkTreatment RoomThe IPL Photo Facial (RM1200), or Intense Pulsed Light treatment, again makes use of modern technology to coax the best from your skin. It’s said to improve the appearance of skin by evening out sun damage such as age spots and freckles and, may even stimulate the production of collagen, serving to plump up the skin for a fresher look.
Dr. Shigemoto and Coeur Esthetique, The IntermarkDressing TableA thick cooling gel is first applied to the face and then the machine is evenly shot in bursts across the surface of the skin. My therapist started on the lowest setting to test my pain tolerance and eventually increased to the maximum power. IPL is ideal for my skin type, fair with some signs of sun damage, but best results are seen after three to six treatments. Hubby claims I came out glowing, and I definitely felt fresh and rejuvenated, but I guess time will be the best judge of results.
A 90 minute Aromatherapy Massage (RM380) finished my experience at Dr. Joe Shigemoto and Coeur Esthetique. A de-stressing foot soak in a warm salted bath prepared both mind and body for the session to continue. Left alone with a pot of tea, and my feet bathing in a wooden Japanese style tub, my soles softened, ready for the coconut scrub next applied to my lower legs and feet.
Dr. Shigemoto and Coeur Esthetique, The IntermarkSalts for Foot SoakAfterwards, snug under some towels and prone on a massage bed, the masseuse used long kneading motions along my meridiens, followed by shorter precise strokes. Each area was completed with a focus on pressure points. Special attention was given to hands and feet, which I often feel don’t get enough consideration in a full body massage. The therapist clearly displayed a high skill level, not only with her technique, but also with professional conversation. She shared information as needed, but also allowed quiet moments while I truly felt submerged in mental repose and physical tranquility. dr. shigemoto, intermark spaMassage RoomAll in all I’m impressed with the variety and quality of services offered at this medi-spa. The stylish, yet comfortable setting and, skilled therapists all play a crucial role in awarding Dr. Joe Shigemoto and Coeur Esthetique a definite place on The Yum List.
Hubby also trialed the spa, experiencing three different treatments, so stay tuned to read about “His Experience at Dr. Joe Shigemoto and Coeur Esthetique.
Reason to visit:  spa treatments with clinical benefits; Japanese technology
Dr. Joe Shigemoto and Coeur EsthetiqueJamo Japan SDN BHDLot 1-13, Level 1, The Intermark348 Jalan Tun Razak50400 Kuala LumpurMalaysia+6 03 2181 [email protected]

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