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Easter Packaging Ideas

Today I added my novel collection of Tags & Card, Cotton Ribbon, Bags as well as Baskets to the store for Easter.   Enjoy!


Easter Tags & Place Cards

Every flavor I pattern a novel ready of Tags to attach to treats, as well as Folded Cards to operate equally Place Cards or Gift Cards.  This time, I created 2 sets - 1 amongst a classic bunny as well as 1 amongst a real sweetness lamb, both inwards a "pen as well as ink" vintage style.  

Bunny "Hippity Hoppity"

Easter is e'er a real colorful holiday, as well as thus I similar to operate to a greater extent than subtle colors (like this graphite greyish for the bunny) for tags as well as cards to brand whatsoever process or gift hold back beautiful.  These Bunny Cards come upward inwards both Tags & Folded Cards.

Easter Tags & Place Cards
Little Lamb "He Is Risen"

My Mom has e'er made an endeavour for us to shout out back "the argue for the season."  At Christmas, that meant she didn't set the Baby Jesus inwards the Nativity scene until Christmas morning.  She e'er makes a large display of adding the Baby Jesus earlier whatsoever packages are opened.  Not a huge thing, but a dainty agency to cause got a minute to recognize the existent argue for the holiday.  You powerfulness shout out back for Thanksgiving, I designed "I Am Thankful For..." house cards for the Thanksgiving tabular array - again, but a unproblematic agency to pick out the truthful vacation to heed nosotros sat downwardly for the feast.

This year, I've designed these sweetness Little Lamb tags as well as house cards for Easter to practise the same affair - create a minute at the Easter brunch tabular array that serves equally a reminder of the 'reason for the season.'  The tags would last beautiful add-on to Dominicus School instructor as well as friend treats.

These cards come about to agree my Light Blue Linen Tea Towels exactly - they brand smashing napkins. 

Extra Large Cello Bags, Moss, Krinkle & Wooden Baskets

I beloved anything that has a double use.  My collection of Wooden Baking Baskets brand smashing mini Easter Baskets.  They would brand a lovely hostess gift, or if you're hosting a smashing piffling gift to cause got for each of your younger guests.  When we're entertaining, I beloved giving the kids a projection to piece of job on - similar decorating cookies.  These baskets would last a smashing agency to post all of their creations dwelling menage inwards style.

For handbasket fillers, I used my Spanish Moss as well as Kraft Krinkle. 

Until now, I haven't had a handbag large plenty to bundle the medium as well as large wooden baskets.  I've added this Jumbo size for larger items.  

Of course, all of these cookies were made amongst my collection of Copper Cookie Cutters for Spring.

Cotton Ribbon

Many of yous cause got requested that I pick out dorsum Cotton Ribbon to the store.  I've constitute 2 novel versions that I love: the 1" Thick Cotton Ribbon is a herringbone twill cotton wool ribbon that is thick as well as lovely, as well as the 3/8" Thin Cotton Ribbon (made of organic cotton) is a natural as well as classic agency to bundle anything from baked goods to gifts.  This is the same ribbon that I've started using on my ain products inwards the store.