Fish In Coconut Milk Sauce/Sothy

I remembered that this dish is called Sothy but everytime i asked my indian friends, they seemed to blink and i feel silly for asking. So, everytime i make this dish, i will say it is coconut milk curry and would not dare to say that it is called Sothy. I was very delighted, when i searched in the net and found this statement "Kiri hodi: a Sri Lankan curry sauce, made with coconut milk, onions andturmeric. Also called pol kiri and sothy. Kiri is a Sri Lankan word for coconut." The blink i get must be from indians who are not Sri Lankan.

4 pieces spanish mackeral steak1 x 400 ml can coconut cream2 slices ginger slices - julienned1/2 tsp tumeric powder1 tomato (optional)Green or red pepper(optional)salt and lime juice to tasteFried shallots and cilantro for garnishing

Method: Put all the ingredients to cook and the dish is done when the fish steaks are cooked.Adjust the taste with salt and lime juice.Serve with fried shallots and cilantro.