Hideous? Maybe. Scary? Hell, Yes . . .

I have been sewing a bit. Not as much as usual but a fair bit. Remember this jacket? I knew that I was going to need another one because of the cat fights between the girls. I went ahead and made it tonight. My husband likes the color, I think it may be a bit garrish? Hideous? Bright? Whichever adjective you use, the child will be easy to see. This is another version of the Jalie hooded sweatshirt. I used Polartec 200 and a green zipper. I am going to make another ORANGE jacket so the girls will be like beacons in the night.

The scary part is that we went to Whittier this Saturday. See this post to see my husband's boat. The sealions were not happy we were on their turf. Ever been chased and assaulted by a 1500 pound mammal? Damn scary. We are not that close, this is my camera way zoomed in and a very enlarged, cropped picture.

You can see the male sealion coming to "visit" us in the lower right. Those are his ladies on the mooring buoy. Needless to say, we got outta dodge pretty darn quick.