Nagaimo And Cabbage Soup

Nagaimo aka Fresh Wai San is available in the asian stores and knowing me, is always game to give it a try although it is quite pricey. I like the texture of the dried ones in the herbal soup which i cook quite often and would like to taste this fresh one. Guessed you would have to choose one which is more mature to get the powdery texture like in lotus root. All in all, it is soft and if i had cooked a little longer, i think my pot of soup will be like chowder. I prefer the dried ones better. Read Wiki for more info about this yam

1 lb lean pork ribs/pork loin1 section of nagaimo/fresh wai san - peel and cut into slices1/2 cabbage8-10 dried pitted red dates(optional)6 cups waterSalt and pepper to taste. Method: Wash pork ribs and have enough of water to cover the ribs.Bring to the boil for 5 minutes.Remove from heat and pour away the water.Wash the ribs with cold running water.Put ribs back to the soup pot and add 6 cups of water, sliced nagaimo, cabbage, pitted red dates(if using) and bring the soup to high boil.Then lower the heat and let soup simmer for 30 - 45 minutes .Add salt and pepper to taste.Serve hot.