Nostalgic Dining @ Yut Kee, Jalan Dang Wangi, Kuala Lumpur

Malaysians have a fine appreciation when it comes to old fashioned items especially dining in Hainanese kopitiams which hark back to the olden days. Mention Yut Kee or that shop along the old Campbell Road and everyone knows what you're talking about. Literally packed with people at all times, this corner kopitiam has been drawing in the crowds ever since they opened in the 1920s. Most of the time, old restaurants get passed down from generation to generation and it's nice to see the owner Jack Lee continuing his father's legacy. His son is also following in his footsteps and takes an active role in managing the restaurant. The family also owns Bodhi Tree restaurant right at the back which is currently run by his wife.
It's here where you get your bread toasted the old style - over hot charcoals. Most of the time, kopitiams have relinquished this practice for the toaster oven which is faster and less hassle. Believe me, old style is always better and the toasted bread definitely tastes better here especially with their home made kaya and a cup of their coffee.

Another specialty in Yut Kee which people flock to for is their Roti Babi. This sandwich made from white bread and stuffed with shredded pork, onions, chinese sausages and crabmeat is dipped in egg and deep fried. The super fluffy bread complements the yummy filling.

They also serve Lam Meen here topped with crab meat and a kick ass sambal belachan dip. Most of the times, kopitiams don't take the time to toast their belachan but at Yut Kee, they toast it which makes it so fragrant.

A lot of people rave for their pork chop as it's rare to find Hainanese pork chop but we stuck to their Hainanese Chicken Chop. Served with lots of onions, a side portion of fried potatoes and mixed vegetables, their chicken chop is served with brown gravy which has Lea Perrins Worcestershire sauce in it. The chicken chop is not dried out or over fried like other places and maintains it's juiciness. If you notice, Lea Perrins Worcestershire sauce features quite heavily in Hainanese western cooking as this is what they used during the colonial times.

For dessert, you must try Jack Lee's marble butter cake and kaya swiss roll which he makes himself. You can't miss the unique display cupboard the cakes are kept in which is located near the cashier. Whether you're a visitor to Kuala Lumpur or a local, Yut Kee is definitely a worthwhile stop over for a dash of nostalgia and good food.
Yut Kee
35 Jalan Dang WangiKuala Lumpur
Tel No: 03 - 2698 8108
(Opened from 8 am to 5 pm. Closed on Mondays)
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