On The Way To Dinner, HK

We rushed from our sucessful wonton hunt to IFC Building to meet James. On the way, we passed a wet market, about to close for the night, and stopped at a flower stall.


Bunches of beautiful jasmine. You can almost smell them in the pic!

Back alley stalls

The thing about HK is, there's always something around the corner. It's full of people and life!


The lemon lamingtons from Starbucks tasted like they were made from cake-mix, but we like them!

CitySuper Supermarket, IFC Building

There's more varieties of cheeses, cured meat and foodstuff here than any other cities because HK is so cosmopolitan.

Florist at IFC Building

I think this has got to be the best florist I've ever seen. It beats those I've seen in Singapore, Sydney, Melbourne, Tokyo...it's under the escalator in IFC One, I think (or is it Two? Anyway, it's in front of Zara and CitySuper) and their arrangements are so beautiful, so elegant, so classy. I saw this guy walk away with one stem of the most amazing lavender-blue hydrangeas and could imagine the joy of the person who'll receive it! Unfortunately we were not allowed to take pics so this pic was taken of the side of the stall and from a distance.


At the feet of my ugly twin were some ranunculus (love these; they look like a cross between a poppy and a rose) of the most unusual color: flesh-brown. Tucked near the glass wall were bunches of deep orange 'lanterns' as big as plums.

No place like HK!