Paris 1930, The Landis Taipei, Taiwan

Paris 1930, The Landis Taipei, TaiwanParis 1930

Paris 1930, The Landis Taipei - Fine Dining French Restaurant

A leader in fine dining in Taipei, Paris 1930 is often the host of Michelin starred chefs and cultural culinary exchanges. This authentic French restaurant at The Landis Taipei has been the pioneer in elegant western dining for the last 30 years. Constantly on the edge, only the best international chefs grace the kitchen and, our experience with their dinner set menu was a first rate example of the service, style and quality that has come to be expected of Paris 1930.
Paris 1930, The Landis Taipei, TaiwanParis 1930 Dining RoomFrench Art Deco flair paints the room. Geometric chocolate and cream stripes pattern the carpeted floor while, maroon, white and grey curtains dress the windows. Seating is inviting with large chairs in cubist shapes upholstered in slightly reflective metallic tones. Paneled wood in stacked angular designs divide the tables creating intimate spaces.
Paris 1930, The Landis Taipei, TaiwanPrivate Dining Room Paris 1930At 7pm every night a violinist and pianist charm guests with a live performance. In between, light jazz and blues music blesses the air - just audible enough to provide a pleasant backdrop, but not strong enough to interrupt conversation.
The private dining room is ours for the evening. An enormous round table is illuminated by a glam, oversized chandelier and guests have live entertainment with a glassed window allowing a peak into the kitchen and the bustle behind the scenes.
“Still or sparkling?” enquires the waiter and water is on our table within seconds of being seated. Napkins are on our laps too. Butter, French of course, is on the table alongside crunchy herbed breadsticks. Soon after, a warm mini-baguette and herb roll are dished out of a basket by our attendant. The bread is textured and reminds me of Europe.
The Amuse Bouchearrives on an elongated white oval platter. It’s a trio of artworks. Leek espuma with lily flower foam is delicious! I could eat a whole bowl of this as a starter. Beetroot panna cotta with salad is a direct contrast in intensity. It’s subtle and earthy and the leaves give it a further touch of garden. Salmon mousse with black olive powder and orange reduction is topped with a sprig of rosemary offering a burst of green but also an elegant balance of taste. It’s an impressive start.
Paris 1930, The Landis Taipei, TaiwanAmuse BoucheAn appetizer of Sous Vide Duck Breast with Black Trumpet Mushroom and Foie Gras Terrine is intricately constructed. Layer by layer, each ingredient maintains its own texture and flavour but combine to form one complete experience. The finish is smooth and an orange sauce offsets the oily duck. Elegant twists of bean sprouts lean against the tower and fig halves dot the edges in perfect symmetry. It’s a masterpiece both for the eye and the tongue.
Paris 1930, The Landis Taipei, TaiwanLemongrass Consomme with Wild Mushroom Fricasse and Asparagus Flan Lemongrass Consomme with Wild Mushroom Fricasse and Asparagus Flan is presented in a double glass bowl. The bottom holds dried mushrooms and is purely decoration. The top is layered with a green circle of asparagus whip capped with a deep brown broth. Earthy mushroom tickles the nose and a silver spoon holds finely sliced strips of truffles and three yellow edible flower petals, which are added to the mix. A teaspoon eating utensil encourages slow enjoyment of this soup, spoon by spoon. It’s full flavoured with an aftertaste of shallots. There are no drops left in our bowls, a wordless indication of its virtue.
Paris 1930, The Landis Taipei, TaiwanSous Vide Duck Breast with Black Trumpet Mushroom and Foie Gras Terrine A claw and tail are sensuously draped across one another in the Boston Lobster with Espelette Pepper Jus. A base of American wild rice is black, long grained and textured, directly contrasting with the springy softness of the crustacean. A small pool of sauce is subtly spicy, utilizing chili from France to give a muted pepper finish. It brings out the sweetness of the lobster.
Paris 1930, The Landis Taipei, TaiwanBoston Lobster with Espelette Pepper JusNext we choose our Laguiole en Aubrac knife (each knife is valued at around 150 Euros!) from a wooden box for the 28 days Dry-Aged Beef Rib Eye with Baby Vegetables with Truffle Jus(NT$3700). A thin wave of potato mash sweeps the top of the plate and is sprinkled with a rainbow of spring vegetables. Tiny mushrooms, small florets of broccoli, baby asparagus, a shaving of truffles and leaves strew the fluffy white base. Vegetables are just cooked so they’re firm and crunchy and distinct to the tender pink beef slices and soft mash.
Paris 1930, The Landis Taipei, TaiwanChoose Your Own Steak KnifeParis 1930, The Landis Taipei, Taiwan28 days Dry-Aged Beef Rib Eye with Baby Vegetables with Truffle Jus A red, Morgon 2010 Marcel Lapierre (NT$2700 per bottle), is smooth and clean. A light cherry scent teases the nostrils and its finish is well balanced. M. Lapierre wines are natural. This means not only organic, but guaranteed free of synthetic products. Natural yeast is used for fermentation and no sugar is added. This Morgon 2010 is delightful to sip with the meat, but I’d be very happy having more than one glass of this on its own.
Paris 1930, The Landis Taipei, TaiwanMorgon 2010 Marcel LapierreThe menu is finished with a choice of tea or coffee.
Dinner is a set menu. Guests choose their mains which vary in price from NT$2800 to NT$7800 (sharing portion for two pax) and they come inclusive of a choice of appetizer, entrée, soup, seafood and coffee or tea. Dessert is extra.
Reasons to visit: creative twists on French delicacies; superb service; elegant French Art Deco ambience.
Paris 1930The Landis Taipei41, Se.2, Min-Chuan East RoadTaipei 2 2597 1234+886 2 2598 3455
Dinner: 18:00 – 22:00 (Mon – Sun)Lunch: 11:30 – 14:00 (Sat and Sun)
Average expense: NT$2000 – 4000 per person (without alcohol)

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