Recipes | Kevin's Famous Heneghan Habitation Brew | Spiked Apple Tree Cider

Every twelvemonth my brother-in-law, Kevin, makes his Famous Spiked Apple Cider.  He brings it to our football game tailgates to continue us warm - from the within out.  Last twelvemonth for Christmas, I made Kevin these custom labels in addition to jars for his pop libation.  I'm thrilled that he agreed to part his cloak-and-dagger recipe (along amongst his tips) amongst us.  Thanks, Kevin!  
  He brings it to our football game tailgates to continue us warm  Recipes | Kevin's Famous Heneghan Home Brew  | Spiked Apple Cider
Kevin's Spiked Cider
1 gallon apple tree cider
1 quart apple tree juice
8 cinnamon sticks2 1/2 cups of sugar1/2 liter of EverClear
In large pot combine cider, apple tree juice in addition to cinnamon sticks in addition to convey to a boil.  Boil for xv minutes.

Add two 1/2 cups of saccharide in addition to convey to a boil again.  Boil for an additional xv minutes.  (I missed this 2nd boil purpose this twelvemonth promise it tastes ok.)

Cool completely.  (I fill upward the kitchen sink amongst a lot of H2O ice in addition to but about H2O in addition to house pot straight from stove into the sink; yous tin work coolers or tubs of H2O ice equally well) – usually takes an hr to cool.  Add 1/2 liter of EverClear in addition to stir thoroughly in addition to I hateful thoroughly.
Use a ladle to pour inwards jars.  If at that spot are also many cinnamon particles yous tin strain through a cheesecloth.  Funnels are handy during this procedure but Jill won’t purchase me 1  :)   If yous don’t stimulate got jars, yous tin work empty liquor bottles (Boones Farm), drinking glass jugs, or beer growlers.  Place a cinnamon stick inwards each jar/bottle.
I prefer sipping it mutual frigidness but yous tin oestrus it upward on stove or inwards microwave in addition to serve hot.