SuiSSe StEaK

Recently we have been eating out quite a lot, which is great as it means no kitchen duty! One of the places we went for a certain special occasion was La Suisse, Plaza Damansara. Usually I am trigger happy when I get in a restaurant and sometimes, I ask the proprietor permission to take pictures. I can't really take spy pictures of the food as the camera we use is super huge and bulky so we do exercise discretion depending on how busy the place is. However, that night I decided to take a rest from picture taking and had also decided not to blog about it since there were no pictures. Coincidentally, the local paper, New Straits Times did a feature on the restaurant this week and they had pictures so I thought I will piggyback on their article.
La Suisse is an old time favourite of Splashie Boy and I, we love the food there especially the steaks which they do real well. You always bump into someone you know there and the last time we visited the restaurant, we met our veterinarian and his wife. However, with me cooking most of the time now, we have not visited the place for some time so it was wonderful going back there again. We found the quality to be just as great with some mini changes to the menu.

For starters, we always have the hot swiss cheese to share, it is just some swiss cheese melted and served with boiled potatoes, pickled onions and cornichons. The menu for mains is almost the same from last time except they now don't have my favourite lamb sirloin so I chose the beef fillet instead with a brandy herb sauce. Splashie Boy had the beef sirloin with mushrooms. La Suisse now serves Black Angus beef from Argentina in addition to their usual Australian beef. We decided to go for the Black Angus which was superb, real melt in the mouth stuff. The best thing about La Suisse are their sauces, they taste divine! My favourite is their herb sauce with just a dash of brandy. Nowadays the sauce comes seperately so you add on as much as you like. No desserts for us that night as we were stuffed to the brim with the good food.
La Suisse RestaurantPlaza Damansara
Damansara HeightsKuala Lumpur
Tel No: 603 - 2094 6587

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